Why seek a second medical opinion?


Confirm your diagnosis

Ensure you feel confident in your diagnosis


Discuss treatment plans

Find out if your treatment plan is the best course of action


Decide on major surgery

Before proceeding with surgery, better understand the risks, benefits and options


Explore other options

Learn if there are more innovative and less invasive treatment options for you

What makes us different


Worldwide medical experts

With access to world renowned medical specialists at top hospitals around the globe, your care won’t be limited by geography, borders and the constraints of travel. Our expert network brings the best medical care to you, wherever you live.


Personalized medical care

At Second Medical, our patients come first and our focus is on you and how to get you better. We assign you a clinical care coordinator who will help guide you through the process and help answer any questions and concerns you may have.


Coordinated care plan

We believe the best patient outcomes occur when health professionals speak to one another. We act as your healthcare quarterback, helping to coordinate your treatment plans and recommendations with your family doctor and your specialists.

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